How To Submit Your Web Page To Google And Bing For Indexing

You have built your new website, done Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and now you want the world to find your site. Here is how to submit your web site to Google and Bing, the largest Search Engines, so your web pages may be indexed by them and found by people.

Submit Your Web Page to the Google Search Engine (You must be logged into any Google, YouTube, or GMAIL account to submit your web page URL.)

Submit Your Web Site to BING Search Engine

Submit Your Web Site to Alexa Amazon Website Popularity Ranking Site

Submit Your Web Site to Many Domain Stats Sites who will link back to your sites

Next, place a link to your new website on various Social Media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest,, Google+, and Instagram.  Once you have done this, it can take up to 30 days for Google and BING to find these social media links to your site.

Take advantage of some link building, but not link spamming, as the Search Engines will likely penalize your site rankings if you put links everywhere, or on low quality websites. A few good links from high quality web sites and social media sites is better than 10,000 links from low quality websites!

Quality content is the thing that Google, BING, and YouTube are looking for. Do people engage with your content, stay of your web pages or videos, and come back for more content? Set up a YouTube account and publish some quality videos each with a few links in the Video’s Description. We hope this has been helpful to help get your new page started to be found in both Google and BING!


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