Encouraging Prophetic Word From The Lord – 3/29/2019 – Rebecca Greenwood

Rebecca Greenwood

Encouraging Prophetic Word From The Lord – 3/29/2019 – Rebecca Greenwood. Shared with Rebecca Greenwood’s permission on the Prophecy Fire™ Christian Media Network.

Below is a Word of the Lord from my intercession time this morning. I had a vision of many whom He is touching. He is breaking you out of the past. In the vision, I could see that some have been cautious to hope again because of the repeated cycle of hope deferred the enemy has attempted to keep you held captive in. I began to intercede for “the many” the Lord was showing me in the vision. For those who are in this place or those who need a now word of faith, I pray the following word He spoke to me on your behalf will encourage you and that it imparts faith to move into the breakthrough He is orchestrating on your behalf.

“Do not be cautious to embrace and advance in the hope and joy that is rising up within you. I am the One causing that newfound hope and joy to bubble up. Trust what I am restoring in you and releasing through you. The past season is just that, it is the past. It is time to move forward in the strength, confidence and joy that I am breathing My breath of life on again. In this season, the new life of My spirit is rising up and the fire of passion through intimacy with the Holy Spirit is igniting within you again. Leave the dry season behind you and let the weariness go. It is broken off you now! Don’t embrace this as your continued condition. But allow this newfound hope, joy, life and fire to rise up within you and burn as a blazing flame. There is newfound joy and contagious laughter bubbling up. Let it flow and be contagious, a fire to you and to all those around you. It will usher you into freedom and victory. There have been those naysayers trying to speak falsely to hinder what I am rising up in you in this season. Those naysayers will not be able to hinder the favor I am releasing. I open what no man can shut and shut what no man can open. Bless those who persecute you and move into the new. I am with you. It is time to rejoice, embrace, step into and move ahead in the hope, joy, faith, life, and fire of My Love and favor. Dance the dance of victory. Shout the shout of joy and praise. And watch with expectancy what I will unfold before you in the days ahead.”

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