Andrew Murray’s Introduction

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The more I think of and pray about the state of religion in this country, and all over the world, the deeper my conviction becomes that the low state of the spiritual life of Christians is due to the fact that they do not realize that the aim and object of conversion is to bring the soul, even here on earth, to a daily fellowship with The Father In Heaven. When once this truth has been accepted, the believer will perceive how indispensable it is to the spiritual life of a Christian, to take time each day with God’s Word and in prayer, to wait upon God for His Presence and His Love to be revealed.

But how can Christians be taught this lesson, and live in obedience to it? The first thing is that they must be convinced of the great need of daily fellowship with God. They must be brought under the impression that it is not enough at conversion to accept forgiveness of sins or even to surrender themselves to God. That is only a beginning. The young believer must understand that he has no power of his own to maintain his spiritual life. No, he needs each day to receive new grace from Heaven through fellowship and communion with The Lord Jesus. This cannot be obtained by a hasty prayer or a superficial reading of a few verses from God’s Word. He must take time quietly and deliberately to come into God’s Presence, to feel his weakness, and his need, and to wait upon God through His Holy Spirit, to renew the heavenly light and life in his heart. Then he may rightly expect to be kept by The Power Of Christ, throughout the day, and all its temptations.

It has been my aim in writing this book to help Christians to see the absolute necessity of communion and fellowship with The Lord Jesus. Without this, the joy and power of God’s Holy Spirit in daily life cannot be experienced. Many of God’s Children long for a better life, but do not realize the need of giving God time day by day in their inner chamber for His Spirit to renew and sanctify their lives.

Meditate on this thought: The feeble state of my spiritual life is mainly due to the lack of time day by day in fellowship with God. New life will dawn in many a soul as a result of time spent in prayer alone with God.

To any reader who has found a blessing in reading this book—I pray you share the blessing with others. If you have accepted the message that The Lord Jesus will from day to day grant you His Presence and Love—pass it on to others. However weak and impotent you feel, your faith will be strengthened, as you help others to realize the need of fellowship with Jesus daily.

As we think of the need of our country and Church, as we think of souls around us, as we think of the extension of God’s Kingdom, we ask you, O Christians, to help us find volunteers, who, as true soldiers of the cross, will persevere continually in prayer till God Pours Out His Blessing upon us,

Your Servant in the love of Christ and in prayer,


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