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This revised collection of God’s powerful truths are based on writings by Andrew Murray. These truths may be helpful for Bible study, Christian teaching and preaching, and also be helpful as a daily devotional aid. Daily Discovering God complements the new content in this God book very well, by teaching foundational Christian Truths. It has been included in the final section of the book, to bless Christian converts. You can use this devotional to help you have a deeper walk with God and grow in intimacy.

This revised edition is derived from Andrew Murray’s Christian writings compiled in the book God’s Best Secrets, first released in 1923, and revised in 1928. I am thankful to Andrew Murray for writing quality Christian books, including God’s Best Secrets. The first release of the revised edition was 2008. God book edition was released in 2014.

U.S. Copyright Office Registration Number TX0006854893. Copyright was registered as Daily Discovering God on 07/01/2008. Copyright © 2008, 2014 by Robert Woeger.

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