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“Only believe.” — Mark 5:36.

We have here a lesson of the greatest importance. When we are alone in the inner chamber, we must send up our petitions trusting implicitly in The Love Of God, and in The Power Of The Lord Jesus Christ. Take time to ask yourself the question: Is my heart full of a great and steadfast faith in God’s Love? If this is not the case, do not begin to pray yet. Faith does not come of itself. Consider quietly, how impossible it is for God to lie. He is ready with infinite love to give you a blessing. Take some text of Scripture in which God’s Power, Faithfulness, and Love are revealed. Appropriate the words, and say: “Yes Lord, I will pray in firm faith in You, and in Your Great Love.

It is a mistake to limit the word “faith,” to the forgiveness of sins, and to our acceptance as children of God. Faith includes far more. We must have faith in all that God is willing to do for us. We must have faith each day, according to our special needs. God is infinitely great and powerful. Christ has so much grace for each new day, that our faith must reach out afresh each day according to the need of the day.

When you enter into the inner chamber, even before you begin to pray, ask yourself: “Do I really believe that God is here with me, and that The Lord Jesus will help me to pray, and that I may expect to spend a blessed time in communion with my God?”

Jesus often taught His Disciples how indispensable faith was to true prayer. He will teach us this lesson too. Remain in fellowship with Him, and ask Him to strengthen your faith in His Almighty Power. Christ says to you, and to me, as to Martha: “—Said I not unto thee, that, if thou wouldest believe, thou shouldest see the glory of God?” (John 11:40).

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