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This is the last section of the God book. I pray that you have taken the time investing in your spiritual development. This book was designed for many uses, such as being used as a devotional, for Bible study, for sermon preparation, for discipleship training, and for sharing The Gospel Of Jesus Christ with others. I have written other writings and books to help develop your walk with Christ also. They will help to take you deeper in your intimacy with God through Jesus Christ. I greatly appreciate your prayers for me and for the worldwide evangelism outreach via books and other media.

My assignment from God is to: deliver hope to a lost and dying world. Apart from Jesus Christ, people have no hope, as He is their only hope. My prayer is that you will be inspired, blessed, and encouraged by reading this book, and will share Jesus with many other people, being an excellent example of Him, by your words and your life.

Prayer changes things. So never neglect using prayer as led by The Holy Spirit, to change your community, family, health, job, country, and also the world, to glorify God. The lack of time spent in intimacy with God is the greatest problem our world faces. I encourage you to separate yourself from the world, selfish pursuits, and distractions. Instead look to Jesus, the author and finisher of your faith. Pray and read God’s Word.

Believe, and faithfully confess God’s Word. “He sent his word, and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions.” Psalm 107:20. His Word brings alignment.

Please tell others about this God book, so they may get a copy, and also be blessed. May God Bless you, as you develop faith, pray, and live your life to better Glorify Him.

Robert Woeger, Author and Publisher of the God book. Contact info:

I travel speaking and ministering at Christian churches and at conferences worldwide. Please kindly do not send out any spam email linking to or promoting the book. Get a free copy of this book at: and also get more info.

Copyright 2014 by Robert Woeger. All rights reserved. You are granted permission to distribute copies of this book, God, in electronic format only, to bless people. U.S. Copyright Office Registration Number TX0007847958, registered on 01/09/2014.

You are encouraged to use this book for evangelism, prayer, Bible Study, Devotionals, teaching, ministering, and discipleship. You may teach, or preach sermons, that are inspired by the content that is contained in this God book. Please include this reference, when you cite, use, or are inspired by, information, that is from this book: This work is inspired by the book, God, by Robert Woeger, and is used by permission.

Previous Chapter  —  GOD Book

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