Love To Souls

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“Let him know, that he which converteth the sinner from the error of his way shall save a soul from death, and shall hide a multitude of sins.” — James 5:20.

What a wonderful thought!—That I may save a soul from everlasting death. How can this be? If I convert him from the error of his ways. This is the calling not only of the minister, but of every Christian—to work for the salvation of sinners.

When Christ and His Love took possession of our hearts, He gave us this love that we might bring others to Him. In this way Christ’s Kingdom was extended. Everyone who had the love of Christ in his heart was constrained to tell others. This was the case in the early Christian Church. After The Day Of Pentecost, people went out and told of the love of Christ, which they had themselves experienced. Heathen writers have told us that the rapid spread of Christianity in the first century was due to the fact, that each convert, being filled with the love of Christ, tried to bring The Good News to others.

What a change has come over the Church! Many Christians never try to win others to Christ. Their love is so weak, and faint, that they have no desire to help others. May the time soon come when Christians will feel constrained to tell of the love of Christ. In a revival in Korea a few years ago, the converts were filled with such a burning love to Christ that they felt bound to tell others of His Love. It was even taken as a test of membership that each one should have brought another to The Lord before being admitted to the church.

Examine yourself, and pray that, in fellowship with Christ, you may think, not only of your own soul, but having received the gift of God’s Love, you may pass it on to others. You will then know true happiness, the joy of bringing souls to Christ.

Let us pray earnestly to be so filled with God’s Love that we may wholeheartedly surrender ourselves to win others for Him.

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