Persevering Prayer

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“…men ought always to pray, and not to faint;” — Luke 18:1.

“Rejoicing in hope; patient in tribulation; continuing instant in prayer;” — Romans 12:12.

“Pray without ceasing.” — 1 Thessalonians 5:17.

One of the greatest drawbacks to the life of prayer, is the fact that the answer does not come as speedily as we expect. We are discouraged by the thought: “Perhaps I do not pray right,” and so we do not persevere in prayer. This was a lesson that Our Lord taught often and urgently. If we consider the matter, we can see that there may be a reason for the delay, and the waiting may bring a blessing to our souls. Our desire must grow deeper and stronger, and we must ask with our whole heart. God puts us into the practicing school of persevering prayer, that our weak faith may be strengthened. Do believe that there is a great blessing in the delayed answer to prayer.

Above all, God would draw us into closer fellowship with Himself. When our prayers are not answered, we learn to realize that the fellowship, nearness, and love of God are more to us than the answers of our petitions, and we continue in prayer. What a blessing Jacob received, through the delay in the answer to his prayer! He saw God face to face, and as a prince he had power with God and prevailed.

Christians, listen to this warning. Be not impatient or discouraged if the answer does not come. Continue in prayer. “Pray without ceasing.” You will find it an unspeakable blessing to do so. You will ask whether your prayer is really in accordance with the will of God, and The Word Of God. You will inquire if it is in the right spirit and in The Name Of Christ. Keep on praying. You will learn that the delay in the answer to prayer is one of the most precious means of grace that God can bestow on you. You will learn, too, that those who have persevered often and long before God, in pleading His Promises, are those who have had the greatest power with God in prayer.

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