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While Andrew Murray died in 1917, and I first edited and published this revised edition in 2008, over 91 years later, I feel a closeness to him and to his words. His words are extremely relevant today, and to future generations, as God’s Truth does not change. This edition is a condensed and revised version, containing 24 daily devotional topics.

What Andrew Murray was expressing in his words, and in his Introduction to his book, God’s Best Secrets, was a concern for people falling away from a true and devoted faith in God. He wrote about Jesus, and about people’s need and hunger for Christ. I gave this devotional a new title, Daily Discovering God, to emphasize its purpose, to denote this revised edition, and to avoid it from being confused with the original book.

I endeavored to replace all Bible translations used in the original writing with Scripture references from the King James Version. Old, or outdated, language, used in Andrew Murray’s book, was replaced with reasonable modern day equivalents, and the text was revised. Please note that partial Scripture quotations may be used, instead of the full Scripture text, for readability and also to emphasize the particular devotional topic.

I encourage all people to read Andrew Murray’s Introduction, which follows this introduction, as he clearly explains his reasons for writing this powerful book. I agree wholeheartedly with the statements he makes in his introduction, including, “Many of God’s children long for a better life, but do not realize the need of giving God time day by day in their inner chamber for His Spirit to renew and sanctify their lives.”

Andrew Murray sums it up well with his words, “The feeble state of my spiritual life is mainly due to the lack of time day by day in fellowship with God.

There is a personal responsibility expected by God of everyone who calls themselves a Christian, or follower of Christ, to have a daily, continual walk of uncompromising faith, communion, and seeking after God. You must walk out your own salvation with both fear and trembling, before an unlimited, omniscient, sovereign and Almighty God.

May you be blessed in your continual learning about God, and your intimacy with Him.

Robert Woeger

Editor of this revised edition of Daily Discovering God, which is being released as part of the God book, to enhance and complement the new content contained in the book.

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